The Odos app is a new development of Odos. Children, parents and group leaders can download the app free of charge.   

How to download the app (all cell phones except iphone):

Go to Playstore

Search:  Odos

Click on Odos: Developer Team (The icon is a globe with small human figures on it)

Install the Odos - App

How to download the app on an iphone:

Enter this link on your Apple iphone web browser:


Follow the instructions and download the app.


What is on offer in the Odos app?

Quiz: Each lesson has questions you can answer to see how well you know the story. 

Cards: All the cards can be seen on the app.

Family fun: Each lesson has fun activities parents can do with their children every week. 


360° videos: The Odos-team took 360° videos in Israel of many of the places mentioned in the Bible. Have a look every week to see if the week's lesson has a video available. See what the places look like where Jesus and many other people left their footprints. ( If you use an iphone you can still watch the videos, but it won't be displayed as 360°.)


Group leaders: Here you will find the training and extra lessons for group leaders. 


Contact us: If you have any questions please call or email us. We'd love to help!!!

Share: You can share the app with all your friends. 


Fan Wall: Tell us every now and again what you liked about a lesson or if you learned something for the first time. 


Facebook: Please visit our facebook page regularly. 


Notice: You will often notice a small envelope in the upper left hand corner. Please open it, because we often send special messages about special lessons. 

Come visit us 

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Call us:

Fred Louw

083 268 7106

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