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The teacher’s manual is written in such a way that it makes it easier for the group leader to prepare the week’s lesson. The children’s senses are employed to enable them to experience the story three dimensionally. The lesson starts with the telling of the story. Then a couple of questions are asked to see if they listened attentively. This also serves as a memory aid – the questions help the children to remember what they have learned. This is followed by a life lesson, it is important to ask the children first what they think the meaning of the story is, before giving them the leader’s interpretation.  


The children’s book includes the Bible story for every week, as well as a colouring picture based on a character from the lesson. Every child also receives a collector’s item to encourage them to learn more about God and His Word. 

ODOS 360˚

Odos 360˚ is a tool for parents and children. Our dream at Odos has always been to give children a three-dimensional picture of the stories in the Bible.



The Odos app is a new development at Odos. Children, parents and group leaders can download the app free of charge. Through the app the children can return to Sunday's Bible story during the week. The app can also help parents to walk through the Word of God with their children.   

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The parent's guide is an initiative of Anton Badenhorst of Oosterlig congregation. It provides parents with something they can do with their children every week. We want parents to go through the Bible story creatively with their children every week. The Bible quiz is another way parents can be involved. We pray that the stories will be relived in the children's homes and in such a way be fixed in their memories. 

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