The Louw Family

Fred and Susan have been married for 20 years and have three children Annine, Elaine and Peter. He completed his degree in theology at Stellenbosch University and has served the Lord passionately in ministry for twenty years.  For ten of these years he was involved in youth ministry. For the past 10 years Fred has been the pastor at Kruispad. It was here the Odos dream started 10 years ago. They wanted to take the youth of Kruispad on a chronological journey of the stories of the Bible in a period of 7 years. Fred believes that you find your identity as a Christian through the stories written in the Bible. 

Susan is a qualified physiotherapist practicing part-time. She has poured out her love for children and the gospel in youth ministry for twenty years. She has been involved in presenting Sunday school for twenty years and, together with Fred, heads the children's ministry at Kruispad. Her own children were her biggest inspiration to help develop Odos. 

The Louw-Family

The Kriek-Family

Zanne has been married to Derick for 24 years and has two children Delani and Wilhelm. She is a qualified educational psychologist and is the head of Kingdom Preparatory School and owner of the Kiddies Academy group of nursery schools. Zanne and Fred are the members of the team who set out and write the stories. She has employed her knowledge of storytelling and children at Odos for 10 years. 

The Kriek-Family

The Geyser-Family

Frikkie has been married to Frieda for 24 years and has three children Stephan, Rene and Marli. He is a chartered accountant and is currently involved in a couple of businesses. His passion for the Lord led him to the vision to register Odos as a company to reach as many young people as possible with the gospel. 

The Geyser-Family

The Odos-Dream

There are so many Sunday school and youth material available. Why Odos?

  • The Odos-team wants to inspire children to love the Word so that they can develop a relationship with Jesus by reading the Word. 

  • The Odos-team wants children to see their story as part of God's story and that children will live their life on this Odos way. 

  • The Odos-team wants Sunday school to be fun! 

This Bible study series for primary and high school learners can be used in churches and in schools. There are 8 series consisting of

  • a teacher's manual,

  • a children's book that the children take home every week. Every week's Bible story is in the book. 

  • a collector's item such as cards, stickers and posters to encourage children to learn more of God and His Word. 

  • an Odos app with questions, parent's guide, videos and training for group leaders. 

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