The teacher’s manual is written in such a way that it makes it easier for the group leader to prepare the week’s lesson. The children’s senses are employed to enable them to experience the story three dimensionally. The lesson starts with the telling of the story. Then a couple of questions are asked to see if they listened attentively. This also serves as a memory aid – the questions help the children to remember what they have learned. This is followed by a life lesson, it is important to ask the children first what they think the meaning of the story is, before giving them the leader’s interpretation.  

The life lesson given in the teacher’s manual must be seen as an example and not the “right” answer. After the life lesson, there is time for some creative activities. As mentioned before, these activities stimulate the children’s senses and help them to remember what they have learned. It is also important to do these activities as a group. This enables the children to get to know each other and creates opportunities to share their stories with one another. The lesson ends with prayer in which the children ask the Lord to help them apply the lesson to their lives. 

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