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Odos 1: Familiar stories from the Old Testament

Consists of:

1. Teacher's book

  • 29 Lessons each consisting of:

  • The stories of the most well-known figures of the Old Testament

  • Discussion points about the story

  • Life lessons from the story

  • Prayer in response to lesson

  • Bible verse to memorize 

  • Something to eat that fits the theme of the lesson e.g. a snake sweet in the lesson about Eve

  • Time to use road map and cards

  • Creative activities 

  • Games to encourage interaction between the children

2. Children's book:

  • A collector's card for every Bible character's story

  • A road map you can unfold in which all the Bible characters are placed chronologically 

  • Stickers of every Bible character that can be pasted on the poster 

  • The story of the Bible character to be read again at home

  • Colouring picture of the Bible character 


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