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Odos 6: The books of the Old Testament
(For Grade 6 to Grade Graad 9)
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Consists of:

1. Teacher's book: 

  • 29 Lessons each consisting of:

  • Explanation about the Bible book of the Old Testament

  • Questions to be answered in the children's book

  • Explanation of how Jesus can be seen in the Old Testament

  • Prayer in response to life lesson

  • Bible verse to memorize 

  • Something to eat that fits the theme

  • Game to see who is first to find the Bible book in their Bible

  • Time to discuss the bookcase in the children's book

  • Something practical to go and do at home 

2. Children's book consisting of:

  • Something to read:

  • Questions to be answered:

  • See Jesus:

  • Something to think about:

  • Something to do:

  • Something to say:

  • 10 minutes with Jesus:

  • I hear...


Something to read is a Scripture verse from the Bible book that we consider to be important. Of course every person could highlight a different verse that is important to them, but these are the verses we chose.

Questions to be answered is a way to help you listen to what your teacher says. The children will get all the answers if they listen carefully to the presenter. The teachers will help the children to answer the questions as part of the lesson. 

See Jesus is a very important part of this book. We want the children to see Jesus throughout the whole Bible. We believe Jesus wants a relationship with every child, and to do this the child needs to get to know Him through the Bible. 

Something to think about is a way to help you think a bit deeper about things that we often take for granted in our lives. 

Something to do helps the child to understand that Jesus wants us to do what the Bible says, not only to think about it.  Sometimes we ask the children to write something, e.g. a poem for God. They can do this in the space provided at the back of their book. 

Something to say will help the child to talk to the Lord and not to repeat the same prayers day after day. 


10 minutes with Jesus is the children's quiet time with the Lord. A relationship cannot grow if we don't spend time with the person we love. There is a Scripture verse for every day. The children are encouraged to pray about the Scripture after they have read it. Sometimes they will thank the Lord, sometimes they will praise Him and sometimes they will say they are sorry. 

It is important that the children realise that the Bible was not written in verses but as stories. The children are therefore encouraged to read the whole book as a story, rather than reading only a few verses. 

Under the heading “I hear” the children can write their own thoughts about what Jesus taught them the past week.  

Learner Book

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Bible bookcase

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