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Odos 7: The books of the New Testament
(For Grade 6 to Grade 9)
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In Odos 7 we introduce the children to each book of the New Testament as if the author wrote a personal e-mail to them.

Consists of:

1. Teacher's book: 

  • 27 Lessons each consisting of:

  • Explanation of the Bible book of the New Testament

  • Video clip that gives a summary of the Bible book to show in class

  • Time to discuss the bookcase in the children's book

  • Interesting facts about the Bible book

  • How does the Bible book refer to the Old Testament

  • Prayer in response to Bible book

  • Bible verse to memorize  

  • Something to eat that fits the theme of the lesson

  • Something practical to go and do at home

2. Children's book consisting of:

  • Inbox

  • #JesusandI

  • Barcode

  • Today

  • You've got mail

  • Reminders

  • Jesus@audio

  • Attachments

  • Jesus@OT.com

  • Chats


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Learner Book

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Bible bookcase

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